The Star of Artaban

Yesterday, I told the story of Artaban, the legendary fourth Magi who gave all three of his precious gems to the needy and poor and came before his Master empty-handed; or so he thought.

Well, in the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, there exists a 287 carat, cut sapphire.  Where it actually comes from is a mystery unto this day.  But many believe it came from Sri Lanka and, even others believe that it once belonged to the legendary magi, Artaban.  Thus it was named THE STAR OF ARTABAN!

It’s lack of transparency and its milky blue color differentiates it from all other Sapphires.  The only fact we actually have about this amazing gem is that in the period of 1941-1943, an anonymous member of the Georgia Mineral Society donated it to the Smithsonian.



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