The Star of the Magi

Contrary to what you may have thought, this is not an article about the star the Magi followed to Jerusalem.  This article is concerning the symbol which has become associated with the Magi throughout the ages even until today; the eight pointed star.

It is found throughout history on ancient inscriptions and modern flags for countries like Moldovia. 


The eight pointed star has its origins in Babylonian astrology, but it probably goes much deeper than that.
An Italian nobleman named Pietro della Valle discovered the use of an eight-point star as a seal in the ruins of the ancient city of Ur (~2000BC), Tell al Muqayyar, in the mid-seventeenth century. He wrote

  “I found on the ground some pieces of black Marble…which seem to be a kind of Seal like what the Orientals use at this day: for their Seals are only letters or written words…Amongst the other letters I discovered in a short time was…a star of eight points…”

SO as far back 2000 BC or later in the ancient city of UR they used this as a seal.  Interestingly this is where Abraham was said to have come from as well as it later being home to the CHaldean clan, the Magi, who became the religious hierarchy of Zoroastrianism. 



 It was on the coat of arms of the French family Beaux  pictured on the upper left (although with 16 points instead of 8) who claimed their lineage to the traditional wiseman, Balthazar.   The 16 pointed star was used as well in other instances.  Pictured on the upper right, the heraldy shield of the Italian Balzo family (descendants of the Beaux) also display the 16 pointed star.


It is also found in occult literature
and the Tarot for the card simply named, the Star.
Thus showing the occult side of the Magi.



I have found that this symbol used in heraldry and flags tends to reaveal a deep connection with the Magi.  Iran had the star on their flag till 1963.  As we will see, the Magi originated in this area on into Iraq and Turkey.  The flag of Moldova also carries the star.  It was also found that descendants of the Magi fled Persia at its fall and moved into this area.


Azerbaijan has a long history of Magi fleeing the Sassanian empire after the collapse of the Parthian empire from what is now Iraq and Iran.  The seal of that country, displayed above, still holds the eight point star showing their influence.  Also the the fire symbol is seen in its center.  The Magi were historically known for their temples brandishing an eternal flame.

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