Earliest names of the Magi and Sassanian Kings

You will find many entries on the names of the legendary Magi here in this blog.  They vary from nation to nation and tongue to tongue.  But one of the earliest renditions of the three came from a 6th century Syrian source, one Zoroastrian scholar, Dariush Jahanian.

He listed the three Magi as follows:

Hormizdah, King of Persia

Yazdegerd, King of Saba

Perozadh, King of Sheba

Now, these names are not Sabaean or Arab, as one would expect, but Persian.


But the real astonishing thing is that during the fourth through sixth centuries the Sassanian Empire, began by Ardishir I back in the 3rd Century, had kings of similar names!

YAZDEGERD I (399-420)

Yazdegerd II (438-457)

Peroz I (457-484)

Hormizd IV (579-590)



(Notice that the Sasanian Empire reached to Yemen also called Saba or Sheba and parts of Atabia)

Was the writers intent to honor these Sassanian Kings in some way?  Why not?  I see similarities in the twelve names given in REVELATION OF THE MAGI to Parthian Kings of the 3rd Century.  It is not far to go to believe that the kings list and the Syrian Jahanian’s list were not also so influenced.



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