There are Magi and there are magi…

I thought it would be important, as a matter of clarity, to state an unsaid fact: there have been millions of Magi on the face of the planet and still are many.

Stating the word Magi, I realize that it means MANY different things.

Of course, we begin with the Persian prophet, Zoroaster, who first postulated the catechism for the Zoroastrian faith.  It was this belief system that had holy men who called themselves Magi.

But, I’m beginning to learn that things took many twists and turns through out the centuries.  And these twists and turns usually center around political power aka ‘who’s in charge’.



As early as Old Testament times, there were struggles between the political powers and the holy men that the people revered.  King Darius is enveloped in one such struggle for power.  Without getting into too much detail right now, suffice to say that the position of MAGI has been more about social and political standing than anything sacred.

My second point would be that what Zoroaster began may have nothing to do with the various renditions of the faith throughout the ages.  As with the Hebrews of old and the Catholic faith in the more current era, Zoroastrianism became a rather syncretistic  faith.   In explanation, this means that the Magi allowed various elements of pagan religions to make their way into their once monotheistic faith.  Mithraism is just one of the powerful religions of the middle east that sank its teeth into the dogma of the Magi.  In other words, there were those who followed Zoroaster’s original religion and there were others that practiced a more popular version that made the people and the kings happy.  Sound familiar?

SO, just because they were Magi or from Magian stock doesn’t mean they had anything to do with the Magi who visited the Christ child.  In fact, besides three instances I know of (the Godaphares of India, the Baux family of France and King Bazen of Ethiopia), there are no real bloodline connections to the original nativity visitors.

However, I am convinced that the King/Magi son list from the REVELATION OF THE MAGI, although it concerns kings from 3rd Century Parthia, is connected in some way with those men who worshiped at Jesus feet.

For the most part, following these Parthian Kings, I have found many of the first Christian influences of their regions.  Once again, this may have had as much to do with the influence of Rome and their new state supported religion than anything akin to spiritual matters.  But some of the first Christian martyrs of the Persian, Iberian, Indian and Armenian realms came from these bloodlines.  So we cannot dismiss the possibility that some of these individuals (some of which became saints in the Eastern churches on level with Apostles) were sincere followers of Christ.

(Modern day Zoroastrians practicing in Iran and India)

But, let me be clear.  Even though these connections are my focus, I still love studying the history of the migration of the Persian people of Magian descent no matter their religious affiliations.

So…let’s continue!


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