Descendants of Balthazar in Southern France?

To this day, in the south of France along the cost of the Mediterranean Sea, there stands to this day a town called simply Les Baux-de-Provence of the Provence province.  Along with this town comes a legacy of the Baux family who ruled the region as feudal lords for some time.  What interests us is the fact that this family swore their lineage from none other than the Ethiopian Magus, Balthazar, of the nativity.


Now, to be honest, at this time, it was popular to claim lineage from the Magi or other ancient saints.  But the Baux family took it all the way by making their heraldic crest the 16 point sun.  Now, in the past, we have discussed the connection between the Magi and the 8 point star.  It was no less typical for them to use the 16 point star as well.  Although the claim was denied by the pope of the time, one must understand that the Baux were Protestant and fought for the cause along side all of Orange.  So, the pope may have been a little prejudice.

The first historical record of the Baux family was from 810 CE and one named Gossalin who marred into the court of Orange in the south of France and ruled some seventy nine villages along the Rhone river from Marsielle to nearly Lyon.  They were recorded to be a barbaric people with ‘wild mountain blood in their veins’.  And build castles in the mountains they did, barricading themselves on the nearly unapproachable peaks of the coast.


The Baux were also a center for Troubadours and ruled in the court of Orange; named after the oranges that actually came from India.  Hmmm.

The Princes of Orange were claimed from the first Baux to hold the title, Bertrand I of Baux (1171-1181) and continued so through 1340.

Were they truly the descendants of Balthazar, the magus?  No one can be sure, but the evidence is leaning that way.

(I’m still researching this: Check out the articles below)


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