Tri Miracula; The Three miracles of the Magi

We’re a bit off from the Day of Epiphany; being January 6 of every year.  But I came upon this while studying about rituals in Gaul (Ancient France and surrounding areas).  I’m trying to make some connection between the adoration of Black Sara (more later) in Southern France, the legendary De Baux family and the Magus Balthazar.

Up through Italy and into France, the adoration of the Magi are stronger than any other place in Christendom.  From the Medici in Florence, Italy to the Baux in Provence, France and beyond, there is a considerable reverence for the three Magi.  And the Day of Epiphany is THE day to honor them.

It is the themes that come along with this adoration, something called the Tria Miracula, that gives us the main themes for our messages at this festival.


  1. The Epiphany of the Star of Bethlehem to the Magi that brought these gentiles from the outside of the plan of God to inclusion
  2. The Epiphany of the Father to all at the Baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist announcing to the world that this was truly the Son of God.
  3. The Epiphany of the Son as the Messaih via the first miracle (the turning the water to wine at the wedding of Cana) showing the Disciples he was the one who they had waited on for so long.


Some other versions substitute the Wedding at Cana miracle with the Transfiguration. This made a great deal more sense being the revealing of Jesus, once more, as the Son of God.  But the three listed are adhered to by the main body of followers.


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