The Lion of Namrut and the 8 point stars

Just a curiosity really.  The only connection, SO FAR, with our Magi studies is the ‘magi star’ or the 8 pointed stars that are scattered across the relief.  But it’s position in Armenia both before the rise and fall of the Parthian empire and after make it impossible to ignore!

The relief is said to be the constellation Leo and also is considered to be frozen in time.  A particular time, really.  According to most experts, it points to 109 BC; the time of the crowning of King Mithradates.  Named after the pagan god, Mithra, who was very popular with the assimilating Zoroastrians.

The statue was actually erected by Mithradates son, King Antiochus I Theos of Commagene.  Other scholars point to the fact that the three planets shown and labeled above the lion/leo star chart actually passed through the constellation about 62 BC.  This could have possibly coincided with Anticuhus’ crowning by the Roman, general Pompey.

Whichever it was commemorating, we know that Antichus was a ‘helenized Zoroastrian’.  This and the eight point stars on his greatest commissioned work of art make him suspect of being a grand part of the legacy of the Magi.